A word of advice: Never eat cotton candy in the rain.

2 Mar

I love cotton candy… LOVE it. It is probably one of my top 10 favorite things in the world (in which I rarely indulge). So, when we went to Hong Kong Disneyland last week and I saw it hanging in the kiosk, I knew there would be at least one wonderfully sticky-sweet moment to the day. HK Disneyland was great. Although it is a fraction of the size of one of the American parks, the twins are not yet two, so it is more than adequate for them. It was fun, the weather was beautiful, and the day was just what we needed to kick the twins jet-lagged schedules in the butt. Yes, it is a bit of a mind-bender to go see the Disney characters perform in Chinese. Even stranger… all the “princesses” are Western. And Tarzan… if you ever get a chance, go check out Tarzan. Wink.

By the way, Disney – the food at the two restaurants we tried STINKS! Blech! on both accounts. The kids wouldn’t eat either of the chicken or fish sandwiches at lunch. Thankfully, I brought my trusty Happy Baby squishy baby veg or my kids would have had french fries for lunch.

Once again, the “paparazzi” trailed us through the park. I can’t count the number of photos that were taken, but the kids are starting to get used to it. 20 months old and they are starting to pose;  just today, I caught TwinXY with my key fob, holding it up and pretend-pressing the button saying “sheeze” to TwinXX, who proceeded to turn 45 degrees and pose with hands on bent knees… reminiscent of Shirley Temple. Crazy. Now, as we stroller down city streets, they smile and wave, almost continuously, like miniature celebs “floating” in a never-ending parade. I don’t even want to know what this is going to do them as teenagers…

But I digress… the cotton candy. I was finally treated to my favorite fluffy, pink yum during the fireworks, which were lovely. Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate. For anyone who doesn’t know what that means… =HUMID. Super, super humid. Humidity is water vapor trapped, hanging in the air. My fluff, which was supposed to melt in my mouth, was actually absorbing the humidity and melting before my eyes. It was a drippy, sticky, gummy pouf of spun sugar that (literally) had to be chewed. There were droplets of liquid pink everywhere. All over me, the kids, the stroller, the diaper bag. So again – never eat cotton candy in the rain… or in humidity… during a show at Sea World… while white-water rafting… you get the idea.

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