Kitchen Basics

24 Mar

Husband – read no further…

I am lodging my first complaint aginst Hong Kong… well, against Hong Kong living. Hong Kong, baby, I still love you.

Our new flat is gorgeous, including the kitchen which is very stylishly outfitted with granite (contrasting colors on the counter tops and floors), stainless steel, a “built-in” style fridge in the same beautiful woodgrain as the cabinets, and stunning smokey glass cabinet doors with interior lighting that accent the design in just the right places.  For a small kitchen, it is spectacular.

When we first moved in, I realized (1) there is no oven. Weird, but no big deal, I thought. I can just get a large convection toaster oven instead, which is probably more practical anyway, right. Yeah. Try finding one. (2) Then I noticed there is no garbage disposal. Hmmm. I will just get one of those little screen catchers and make sure to rinse it immediately. (This is much grosser and drippier than I imagined.) (3) The washing machine is one of those dual purpose wash/dry machines that magically do it all. Cool, I thought – no more forgetting a load in the washer until your nose reminds you it is there. It is really great – the drum is the size of a mop bucket and, fyi, you have to break up the mini-load into micro-mini-loads to dry if you EVER want them done. The manual calls the finish “damp for ironing”. Really? Thanks. The average cycle is 3:35 long and generally requires another 40-60 minutes of drying. I have calculated, based on the quantity of washable fabric in our house (clothes, linens, etc) it will only take 25.5 days of running the machine non-stop to get everything clean. I better get busy. (4) Finally, there is no dishwasher. My hands are already chapped and nails are peeling from the constant submersion. I can import one from the Phillippines relatively inexpensively, I have been told. Her name is Dalisay and she will be happy to live in the closet…   :-I

4 Responses to “Kitchen Basics”

  1. Jan March 24, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    Excuse me Dear Niece while I laugh heartily. I told you that you would look at life in America in a brand new way- – and so very quickly! Smaller, harder, and time consuming- – -these are your new descriptives for house hold chores!

    Sorry……highly enjoy the good parts!

    Got gloves?

    • window2chaos March 24, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

      I was hoping for: spa, lounge, shop!

      It is OK. I am going to buy the family matching raincoats so I can just spritz and wipe them off. Problem solved!

      And yes, I have gloves, but I never feel like things get as clean when I can’t feel them, you know?

  2. Jen March 24, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    i think you should order a Dalisay 😉 there is no shame in that, and she can also teach you and your children yet another language

  3. Diane March 31, 2011 at 3:26 am #

    Love the boo booze!! Could have used that idea years ago when raising kids!! Will enjoy reading your blog. I was in Hong Kong in the 60’s so I know about the places you have been writing about. Also enjoying the pictures. Years from now you will laugh about your adventures!

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