The Mother of all days

9 May

For any woman married to a technophile/engineer type… I feel your pain. Although he is absolutely brilliant at spontaneous displays of appreciation and romance, and celebratory events for no particular reason, Captain has been notoriously bad at requisite celebrations and holidays – Valentines, birthdays, Christmas… and my first two Mother’s Days. Seven months pregnant with twins, a fundal height of 52cm, and no longer capable of either sleeping longer than two hours or getting myself in or out of a car, he stated so matter-of-fact-ly, “You aren’t  a mother yet.” The next year (with a look of genuine confusion)… “You aren’t my mother.” (Yes, I considered dosing his spaghetti.) Needless to say, this year, my expectations were low. Which is why, when a month ago I received an early Mother’s Day gift (my lovely Nespresso CitiZ coffee maker – sooo exciting!), I was as excited to get the gift as I was that he had actually thought to commemorate the day. Certain the day was all but over, I was doubly surprised when just a few days ago, I received a surprise box shipped to me from the Apple store – a new Magic Trackpad, with operating system upgrade to boot! Now there’s a man after my heart! He finished the day off with a child-free night on the town with friends and a fantastic traditional Peking Duck dinner. What is Mother’s Day dinner without the kids, you ask? Damn near perfect. Thank you, Honey; I love you, too!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the other mothers out there – I hope your day was as wonderful as mine!

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