FoFo is not a MoFo

15 Jun

When I started this blog, I opened a post category called “Foodie”.  Because I am. In every sense of the word. Living in Hong Kong, I imagined that all of my meals would be inspired – delectable dishes ready to hold their own against the droves of eatery options. As it turns out, that is not the case. I have been met with meal after meal of mediocrity, and have even begun to joke with my friends that the only way to be impressed is to have no expectations at all. Last Saturday, a group of us went to FoFo, by el Willy, in Central. Before the evening began, I teased on facebook, “Tell el Willy that el Izabeth is here and I will be the judge of tapas in Hong Kong…”As it turns out, I was impressed. Luckily, I didn’t spout off any pre-conceived verbal jabs, lest I be left with (62 degree, slow cooked) egg on my face.

I won’t go on and on about the decor, suffice it to say that it is sophisticated and fun; two thumbs up.  The service is competent and friendly – a huge compliment in HK.

We were a group of six and ordered a grand selection from the menu; almost all of it was delish, especially the quintessential Spanish dish, Potatas Bravas. Double yum. I had absolutely no guilt as I scooped the last wedge; you cannot eat here without ordering them. I also swallowed my misconceptions and judgement to try the Steak Tartar (generally not a favorite of mine), which is served with a dollop of mustard ice cream. It was the best red meat I have had in Asia, and the mustard ice cream provided both balance and a creamy kick to the flavor profile. It was far superior to the “Mom’s raw meatloaf on a cracker” I have seen served elsewhere, and definitely worth ordering since we easily plowed through the two dishes. My opinion, and only negative word: pass on the pork knuckle. Although boneless, it was a  mushy,greasy, fried lump covered in chewy, fishy stuff. I would never have ordered it on my own, but you get to try all kinds of things when you group order. I was a bit disappointed that I was too full for dessert… if only we hadn’t ordered the last minute Seafood Paella (Yum!) which turned out to be HUGE! During the early part of the evening, we were each  presented with a special menu for the upcoming Tuesday titled, Perfect Marriages (of course Captain and I were there!), featuring food pairings with Ossetra caviar. I glanced over the fixed menu and immediately booked a table for two. Note to chefs worldwide: if you put any variety of basil sorbet on the menu, you will get my attention.

Tonight was Ossetra night. Let me add… Captain hates tapas. He was sure that I had gotten my fill on Saturday, while he was in Beijing, and he wouldn’t be bothered to accompany me on an evening of “snacking weird things on crackers, paying through the nose, and then wondering what to eat on the way home”.  He was less than thrilled with the date-night selection, but humored me because he is such a good guy. We were served eight courses and all were amazing. Amazing. The king crab and mushroom tartar was delicate and rich, yet well rounded by the introduction of crisp basil-ginger sorbet. I am generally not a big oyster eater; I don’t really taste them. However, the starter, “Oyster, apple in different textures & Ossetra caviar” was transcendent. Literally transcendent. Even now, I could sit down with a dozen. Unbelievable. Captain was impressed. I was impressed. And, I am thrilled to have had my first real meal in Hong Kong. Thank you FoFo, el Willy, and Executive Chef Alex Fargas… and kudos.

2 Responses to “FoFo is not a MoFo”

  1. vikki June 15, 2011 at 1:49 am #

    You are inspiring me now!!!!!

  2. Jan June 15, 2011 at 5:23 am #

    Okay, so if GalactoKidz fails to POP immediately, you have a job as a traveling gourmand.

    All sound amazing- – -but I can’t help getting stuck at el Willy…….and then the ‘small snacks’ part and then the Perfect Marriage and in Hong Kong- – there’s a joke brewing here about a chinese dish called ‘long dong’ but . . .for another time not so fully satisfied.

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