Thai-Disco Airways

27 Jul

We survived another 20-hour travel day, all thanks to the awesome service from Thai-Disco Airways. At least that’s that new name of the airline we flew… 

The East Side Plinkas are two, and are naturally curious. TwinXY is particularly quick when it comes to anything analytical, so he was thrilled to find his iPod loaded with new flicks and that his seat had so many buttons. About 4 minutes after boarding and getting settled into our seats, and 3 quick visits from service crew, I instructed the flight staff to completely ignore future flight attendant calls from our row.

Now, I am a steadfast believer in the sayings: “Pick your battles”, and (don’t) “Win the battle but lose the war”. These were my mantras as a sat idly by and allowed him to discover the reading light. On. Off. On. Off. On (and off) and on in various cycles of curiosity throughout the otherwise completely dark over-night flight.  Of all the problems that two-year old twins could be causing, I figured flying in strobe was, at best, #11 on the Top Ten list. To add to the excitement, I require that shoes be worn to the restroom. – You wouldn’t believe how many people go to the airplane lavatories in their socks – Guh-ROSS. – Both kids have light up Skechers. So, if you were disappointed that the light show was over when PlinkaXY is taking a break, you needn’t. A slew of multi-colored LEDs on four tiny feet are sure to entertain with every step.

Insert earbuds, start up your Lady Gaga playlist, and enjoy the next 10 hours on Thai-Disco.

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