From One Southern Mom to Another…

19 Aug

I know you are expecting some mildly off-color joke here, so I won’t disappoint:

What did one Southern Mom say to the others?

Ya’ll should check out Galacto Kidz!

OK. Not funny, but oh so true! Check out what School Psychology PhD candidate, blogger, and Southern Momma,, said here.

That’s right – Galacto Kidz is beginning to break through the stratosphere and hopes to be traveling at light speed by the end of the year! Fueled by amazing and insightful posts like this, we are well on our way!

If you and your tweens haven’t already checked out the site – please do! We are in our final Beta testing and uploading some cool new modules like the store, Galaxy Gear, where you will be able to shop for clothes for your avatar and furniture for your PicoPod.

Galaxy Gear Coming Soon!

2 Responses to “From One Southern Mom to Another…”

  1. JILLIAN August 19, 2011 at 9:13 am #

    Aw, so glad I could post about it. I love your site!

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