Recipe: Urban S’mores

22 Aug

OK – If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a bit of a Foodie. I am also a huge fan of the current food trend of taking comfort classics and dolling them up with modern ingredients and exotic flavors (ie: truffle french fries, jalapeno mac n’ cheese, chipotle caramel corn, etc). Perhaps, that is what makes this recipe one of my all-time faves – that and the fact that I made it up about 15 minutes ago.

They say “necessity is the mother of all invention”, and such is true in this instance. I was having a serious craving for something from home – something undeniably American. I hadn’t seen a marshmallow in more than six months, so when I saw them at the store three days ago, I practically dove at them to get them in my cart.  One look at the bag and you can tell this is from the foreign food section.

This is such a foreign food, it requires cooking instructions on the bag.

However, I then got them home and didn’t have anything to do with them except eat them straight from the bag. Ho-hum.

Tonight, inspiration struck and the Urban S’more was born.

Urban S’mores


  • McVitie’s Digestive Crackers
  • Nutella
  • Marshmallows – large size

Prep time: 2 minutes (this makes them extremely dangerous)

Directions: Smear a moderate-size dollop (about 1tsp per cracker) of Nutella on the Digestive cracker. Set aside. Skewer a large-sized marshmallow on something long and pokey from your kitchen. (Almost anything will do: a chopstick, butter knife, bamboo skewer, etc.) Roast and turn the marshmallow over low heat (gas is ideal, but an electric element will also get the job done!) until the marshmallow is golden brown and falling off your make-shift pokey tool. Smash over Nutella and consume hot!

OK, so it isn’t quite the same assitting around a campfire singing Kumbaya, but it’s the best I can do under the circumstances.

One Response to “Recipe: Urban S’mores”

  1. window2chaos August 22, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    BTW: I think I am also about 4,000 miles from the nearest graham cracker!!!

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