One Hump or Two?

19 Sep

As I stated in my last post – I am all work and no play these days. Which is why, for lack of anything better to post, I will be one of those annoying people who drones on, recounting every detail of a  particular dream. In all actuality, it is the most interesting thing that has happened in awhile. This one is recurring, for more than ten years, and I have never reached a conclusion. What do you think?

I am a camel. I brown one. I don’t know if camels come in any other color, but this is the color I am. I am walking on the beach with some of my camel buddies, and we are enjoying playing in the surf and feeling the see breeze in our fur. As the tide rolls in, my camel friends begin to retreat, but I am lost in the sunset and the feel of the waves lapping at my ankles. When I finally look up, I am all alone, standing on what has become a tiny island of sand surrounded by water for as far as I can see. This does not alarm me. I start looking to the sky for clues to tell the time, reasoning that when the tide retreats, I will again, be back on the beach. I look down to see if the island is large enough for me to lay down, intending to enjoy the night sky and sleep away the remaining hours when I realize that I am now afloat, all four feet positioned, just so, on a penny. Pennies are not renowned for their buoyancy, so I grow concerned as I slosh with the waves, realizing that I may no longer be in the same location on the beach as before, and decide that I need to become proactive before the penny loses its mystical floating properties. Can I swim? Probably not. I accept this as fact and not a shortcoming as I don’t believe the anatomy of a camel is conducive to treading water. Can I float? It is likely, that if I can empty my hump(s) and fill them with air, that they will become my buoyant redeemers and I can float away to safety. As I start to consider this as my best viable option, I begin to analyze of the actual process of emptying my hump(s) when it hits me – Do I have one hump or two? I can’t remember. It might really matter! Why can’t I remember? Only then does the distress settle in. I wrestle myself awake… one hump or two… one hump or two… one hump or two?!?!?

2 Responses to “One Hump or Two?”

  1. Jan September 19, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    WOW!! This would make a great movie- – -I already see it all in my mind’s eye! Now what I had no idea of is just how common dreaming of camels is. All of these ideas are very interesting. The integral part about your dream is the quandary about how many humps- -are you prepared enough and do you know how to use what you have!?! And the PENNY is a great addition- – -most intriguing!

    “A camel is a portrait of endurance. The way it travels through deserts battling dust storms and severe heat conditions, the camel endures all travesties. To see a camel in a dream signifies great financial gain, perhaps inheritance.
    First there will be hardship and obstacles to overcome before a windfall of financial gains.”

    “Camel: To see a camel in your dream, denotes that you need to be more conservative; you are carrying too many responsibilities, burdens and problems on your shoulders. Consider the common phrase, “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. You tend to hold on and cling on to your emotions instead of expressing and releasing them. Learn to forgive and forget. Alternatively, the camel represents your stamina.”

    Camel : A camel sometimes symbolizes a journey, sometimes grief and at other times a huge and healthy person- -depending on circumstances. The same is the case when a strong, red camel is seen.
    A She-Camel : It represents a woman if the viewer of the dream is unmarried. Otherwise it means a journey, land, property or house.”

    “Dreaming of camels
    Vinaya Katoch Manhas

    CAMEL is known for its ability to rough it out in the most adverse of circumstances. Also known as the ship of the desert, it can survive for several days without food and water. Its life is very difficult and the conditions in the desert very harsh. These characteristics become important while interpreting dreams of camels.

    As per Indian thought, to see a camel in your dream means that days of hardship and struggle are around the corner. You shall have to shoulder several responsibilities. You are warned to be prepared to face adverse circumstances, as shouldering these responsibilities may prove very difficult for you. You might come across many hurdles. But if you are determined and strong you shall emerge the winner. Acting with patience and courage will pay off. If you persevere then your efforts shall be rewarded.

    As per western though, dreaming of a camel denotes that you shall act with great patience and fortitude during times of anguish and failure. You might find yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation, yet you shall not lose your cool. Owning a camel is a sign of prosperity coming your way. Seeing a herd of camels in the desert denotes help from an unexpected source, and sickness from which you will recover, contrary to all expectations.

    Psychologically speaking, a camel represents stamina and self-sufficiency. Depending on the context in which it is seen, a camel can also represent the unusual or the bizarre. As already mentioned, the camel has the capacity to exist in even the most adverse of circumstances, and this characteristic of your personality is portrayed in dreams of camels. The camel is also a dignified animal, known as being the bearer of royalty, especially in Indian culture.”

    “Camel: You will have to work hard and diligently to overcome your obstacles if your dream involved one or more of these hardy animals, unless it or they carried a burden, in which case there could be some unexpected wealth (possibly in the form of an inheritance) coming your way. If you were riding on a camel or saw them in a herd, your future is very bright indeed.”

    • window2chaos September 20, 2011 at 6:09 am #

      Wow – thanks for the research! Considering all, seemingly fully loaded with insights into my current situation – let’s hope there really is a windfall around the corner!!! 🙂

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