On being “Caucasian”

24 Sep

I have often objected to being classified as Caucasian. What is it even supposed to mean? I have searched the globe tirelessly for a land called Caucasia and have not found it. There is no documentation of my ancestors originating from a country or region formerly known as Caucasia, either. Near as I can figure, it is just a way for the government to lump all of us crackers together.

But alas, I may have certainly found it!
Tucked away in a remote section of Lantau Island there is a thriving community of Cauc-Asians!!! Previously, I was under the assumption that these people had recently settled here from all parts of the globe. However, discovering that the best Chimichanga in all of Asia is served there, I now realize that these might just be the original Caucasians! I am craving a Chimichanga so I might be forced to go check it out!

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