Pip, Pip, Away!

11 Mar

I know. I have been absent. Casa Chaos has seen a revolving door of (incredibly welcome) house guests (though I am subconsciously chastising each of them for not bringing me a Chick-Fil-A on dry ice). In addition, I have been tandem RE-potty-training the Plinkas, and on many days it is a resounding success. And then there are “other” days. Days when you can’t tell who had the accident because they are both sitting in the puddle. Splashing. Somehow, in the moment, I fail to see the humor. What I do recognize, regardless, is how beautifully unashamed they are at 2 – running into the building corridor to kiss Captain “Hej do*” with no pants on. I can confirm with complete assurance that the same thought has never crossed my mind. At least not in the past 34 years. So – what I will grace your screen with today is a montage of moments… have I mentioned that I don’t have a brother?

In the bathtub: XY takes XX’s duck. XX starts to cry, then reaches over and, yes… grabs the willie… and pulls… hard. Pure horror overcomes XY’s face and tears ensue. Gotta give her credit – he dropped the duck.

In the living room, attempting to get pyjamas on, but XX keeps dancing away. After several futile attemps to corral her she states, “But Mommy, dancing naked fun!”  ( I considered handing her a $20 to put her jammies ON.)

Any time I am either: a) changing clothes or b) wearing pyjama pants with a loose elastic waist: XY exposes (yes, that), pointing and saying, “Mama’s is missing. Mama don’t got one.” He’s right. I don’t. He is so persistent that I am starting to wonder if he thinks I might grow one…

Anywhere and anytime he takes his pants off, which is several times daily (with absolutely no interest in putting them back on) XY gets a woodie and proceeds to walk around the house saying, “Its’ BIIIIG! It’s BIG!!!!” and then tucks it between his legs and pronounces, “It’s tiny! Where did it go?” He’ll love this post when he is 14.

And finally, as I am putting away laundry today, I can hear both Plinkas yelling (in attempted sync), “Pip, Pip. Away!” Clearly, confounding from the next room, but then again, they say and do a lot of things that will never make sense (to me)… because they are 2. Upon returning to the living room, I found that both had successfully deposited #2’s in their little potties. Not the floor, or their pants, or even next to the little potties… so I joined in cheer, “pip-pip-away!” Most definitely.


I must admit, the last few months have been beyond chaotic and I apologize for my absence, but stick around… I have a feeling it is just about to get good.

*Hej do – (hay-doe) – is good-bye in Swedish

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