Be – Always Teaching

1 Mar

BreakfastI’m no Tiger-Mom, but I do believe firmly in an enlightened and relevant education, which in turn helps me to be always teaching.

As it turns out, the East Side Plinkas have been learning phonics and basic reading, so I actively look for ways to incorporate learning opportunities into mundane moments of life. XY, in particular, is quite advanced for his class and can sound out and read 3 and 4 letter words while XX has a talent for sight words (she does love her shapes…).

As they are now an elderly 4 (and a half! as they will eagerly remind you), I decided that it was time for a fresh, new lesson. I wrote them a sweet little note using only words they should know.

With great care and love, I set the breakfast table for them with a banana, their favorite cups, favorite bowls, and a pre-measured baggie of cereal.

My little note of love reads:  GET MILK – MOM

—- Scoring —-

Plus 10 points if you don’t spill the milk.

Plus 20 points if you drink the right milk (because XX drinks whole and XY drinks 2%).

Minus 10 points if anyone eats dry cereal.

Minus 10 points if anyone drinks juice instead.

Minus 80 points if ANYONE wakes me up before 9:00 am.

One Response to “Be – Always Teaching”

  1. window2chaos March 9, 2014 at 8:10 pm #

    The Update:
    Did they read the note? No
    Did they spill milk all over the note? Yes
    Did they eat breakfast on their own? Yes, though XY at dry cereal because he just wanted to.
    Did they spill milk all over the table? Some. Not terrible.
    Did I sleep until 9:00am? No – 10:00am!!! Wow! Not that this will become an every-weekend thing, but nice to know that they are showing some independence… 🙂

    Results – PASS!!!

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