About the Queen of Chaos

twin profileI am Elizabeth: Hmmm. I like to write, but not about me, exactly. I am a crazy-busy mother of triplets: TwinXX, TwinXY, and “a-Bob”, the mascot of my Mom-preneurial project www.GalactoKidz.com that eats up any spare time I might find. In February 2011, we relocated from the snowy, slope-side community of Avon, CO to bustling Hong Kong following my husband’s (a.k.a. “Captain”) job and allowing me to focus on my three babies full time. This blog is my way of keeping in touch with my peeps back home and is a window into our adventures abroad. Enjoy!

When life gives you lemons… make a Tom Collins.

About the Cast:

Captain: My dear husband, thus named because he is a pilot (not the Captain of me! Ha!). A true pragmatist, he is the yin to my yang.

TwinXX: Elder by 1 minute, she is a mini-mommy… except for being a neat-freak like Captain. It must be genetic. Also lovingly called Franken-baby because by 20 months she has already had 1 surgery and two sets of stitches… in her forehead. A dare-devil through and through.

TwinXY: My sweet, sweet boy – rough and tumble, but sensitive. He is all boy until he gets his dolly in the pink dress for night-night. He can wail with the best of them, and then turn on the charm like nobody’s business. He has “the spark”.

One Response to “About the Queen of Chaos”

  1. Eric April 9, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    nice… :). both are so cute and sweet.. god bless them 🙂

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