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Don’t ask. Just revel.

16 Nov

I always hate it when I don’t follow my own advice. Today’s flub: Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.  Continue reading

From One Southern Mom to Another…

19 Aug

I know you are expecting some mildly off-color joke here, so I won’t disappoint:

What did one Southern Mom say to the others?

Ya’ll should check out Galacto Kidz!

OK. Not funny, but oh so true! Check out what School Psychology PhD candidate, blogger, and Southern Momma,, said here. Continue reading

The Mother Ship Has Landed!

11 Aug

Check out my first interview!!! Please feel free to post, forward, tweet, share, etc….



My mother always says, “If your head weren’t attached to your neck…”

19 Feb

Post #1 for anyone or no-one to follow.

Let me start by explaining the name… Generally, when I chat with my friends for a well over-due catch-up, I try and do a lot of listening. When I start talking – the chaos that is my reality sets in! What’s up, Elizabeth? Oh, I started this new business, the house got destroyed by a hurricane (giant insurance lawsut to follow), I had twins (awesome, right?), we just moved into this amazing new place, I got a new job with tons of travel, and, oh yeah, we are moving to Hong Kong next month… that is a brief summary of my last 24 months. The 24 before that were no more stable, nor the 24 before that, and the 24 before that.

I see people. People with these beautifully calm, predictable lives. They have these things called schedules. They can hit the local yoga class 3x/wk, know their local barrista, what time the FedEx guy generally comes,  and some of them even know where their keys are! I have quit trying to predict anything, catch everything “when I can”, and my keys, well, Lord only knows.

It is 11:46 PM. We are in a hotel close to IAH, departing for Hong Kong in 8 hours. Sleep? Are you kidding me? I am trying to consolidate and balance my overweight luggage one last time. This blog is about our newest adventure, and the glorious chaos that is sure to ensue!

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