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Time for me on The Biggest Loser… I guess.

9 Mar



Children WILL help you to discover your biggest fears, revealing them in all of their fiery and humiliating glory.

The Plinkas just discovered how to use the electronic scale on their own.


They each weighed. They each weighed 47.0lbs.

Then they wanted me to get on the scale. I politely declined. They insisted.

They wanted to know if I weighed more than 47lbs. I assured them that I most certainly did, but it was no use. We went back and forth as you do with two 4 year-olds… until I finally gave in.

I put the scale next to the counter so that I could discreetly give myself some lift, hovering for an appropriate reading… Continue reading

Be – Always Teaching

1 Mar

BreakfastI’m no Tiger-Mom, but I do believe firmly in an enlightened and relevant education, which in turn helps me to be¬†always teaching.

As it turns out, the East Side Plinkas have been learning phonics and basic reading, so I actively look for ways to incorporate learning opportunities into mundane moments of life. XY, in particular, is quite advanced for his class and can sound out and read 3 and 4 letter words while XX has a talent for sight words (she does love her shapes…).

As they are now an elderly 4 (and a half! as they will eagerly remind you), I decided that it was time for a fresh, new lesson. I wrote them a sweet little note using only words they should know. Continue reading

Don’t ask. Just revel.

16 Nov

I always hate it when I don’t follow my own advice. Today’s flub: Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.¬† Continue reading


17 Nov

I FINALLY figured out what those side pockets are for! The brochure said “bottles”…


Too many ponies.

19 Oct

Realizing that I wear a bun or pony tail far too often:

I had my hair down today.

The Plinkas decided that I had “lost my ears” and spent the next 5 minutes searching the apartment before looking under my hair. They found it very disconcerting. I was more troubled by the prospect that this was more plausible an explanation than that my hair was merely different.

Conversation with a 2 year old

11 Sep

All work and no play makes Elizabeth a very boring blogger. I KNOW. But this was worth sharing… Continue reading

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