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Time for me on The Biggest Loser… I guess.

9 Mar



Children WILL help you to discover your biggest fears, revealing them in all of their fiery and humiliating glory.

The Plinkas just discovered how to use the electronic scale on their own.


They each weighed. They each weighed 47.0lbs.

Then they wanted me to get on the scale. I politely declined. They insisted.

They wanted to know if I weighed more than 47lbs. I assured them that I most certainly did, but it was no use. We went back and forth as you do with two 4 year-olds… until I finally gave in.

I put the scale next to the counter so that I could discreetly give myself some lift, hovering for an appropriate reading… Continue reading

Random Moment of Genius: Rhubarb-Mint Soda

4 Jul

I had nothing to drink… booze (too early), milk (ich), water(blah). It was too hot for tea.

Then, the craziest idea hit me, I tried it, and it was AMAZING. And so I share my new summertime indulgence.

Rhubarb-Mint Soda 

2 teaspoons of Bonne-Maman Rhubarb preserves (it’s tart – 50% rhubarb and no extra sweetness from sugary fillers like strawberry)

5-6 ounces of club soda or sparkling water

fresh mint, muddled into preserves

Stir. Drink. Oh yes.

This would probably be really great with crushed ice and a stalk of fresh rhubarb to garnish. Maybe later tonight I will add a splash of rum or vodka…

I don’t want to think about the sugar content, but at 50% rhubarb, it can’t be terrible, right? Don’t tell me. It is too good…

Fully Automatic

17 Feb

The Plinkas and I were on our way home from Easter choir rehearsal, and XX was starving even though it had only been 2 hours since lunch (unfortunately, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). I’d been wanting to try a new pizza place that sold by the slice, so we popped in and munched together on slices of Hawaiian and 4-cheese.  On Hillwood in Tsim Sha Tsui, it is a typical Hong Kong  local joint open to street level, hardly bigger than a roadside kiosk. We sat all the way to the back at one of only three tables. We were halfway through our pie, when we heard a loud POP. Followed by four more… POP, POP, POP, POP growing increasingly loud. The first one unsettled me because my brain knew what it was but my heart said I was mistaken. By the fifth, I had pushed the twins under the table in front of my legs. Continue reading


5 Nov

I am enslaved… by wonder, by love, by convenience… by technology. I know I said I am on blogging hiatus, but I simply had to reach out in an electronic-half-effort to release myself from these chains, or lock them down a little tighter, I am actually not sure. As I sit here, bathed in the light of my monitors (sadly, the plural is not a typo), surrounded by the soothing hum of electricity and computer fans, comforted by the bounce of the keys beneath my fingers, I am acutely aware of how inseparable my life has become from these machines. It happened Friday. As television comedians made lighthearted jokes about  covert Sandy victims appearing in their audiences in a ruse to find power for their smartphones, I was without mine. Continue reading

Monday Musing

9 Apr

As many of you know, I made a New Year’s resolution to start blogging more regularly. As I failed miserably in January, I coerced myself into believing that I really meant Chinese New Year in February, and even then, I am falling short. So, in an effort to inspire my writing, and to open your week with thought, I am starting a new series: Monday Musings. Enjoy. 

Today’s musing is brought to you by Emirates because I am quoting their ad and not that they are a sponsor (though I would be happy to work something out 😉 ) – I just really like this one – proving that ads can speak to more than the consumer in you… (though I would have really appreciated the use of the Oxford Comma. Grrr.)


“The world belongs to the endlessly curious – to everyone who experiences the world with eyes wide open, who never stops exploring, discovering and evolving. Here’s to uncovering every possibility the world holds for us all.”


Pip, Pip, Away!

11 Mar

I know. I have been absent. Casa Chaos has seen a revolving door of (incredibly welcome) house guests (though I am subconsciously chastising each of them for not bringing me a Chick-Fil-A on dry ice). In addition, I have been tandem RE-potty-training the Plinkas, and on many days it is a resounding success. And then there are “other” days. Days when you can’t tell who had the accident because they are both sitting in the puddle. Splashing. Continue reading

Why I Support the Use of the Oxford Comma

4 Oct


One Hump or Two?

19 Sep

As I stated in my last post – I am all work and no play these days. Which is why, for lack of anything better to post, I will be one of those annoying people who drones on, recounting every detail of a  particular dream. In all actuality, it is the most interesting thing that has happened in awhile. This one is recurring, for more than ten years, and I have never reached a conclusion. What do you think? Continue reading

Fashion Update: the Burqini

5 Aug

I am posing a serious question here – and I want your feedback!

On our glorious trip to Sweden, where it was raining and in the 60’s for 8 of our 10 days (not exactly Phuket) I was introduced to a new piece of swim fashion – the Burqini. I was left with some confusion, however, because it was a picture of a cartoon duck* wearing a Burqini, so in my limited Burqa experience, it looked like any other Burqa that a cartoon duck might be wearing. It has been on my mind ever since, so I finally had a free moment to Google it. Image search blew my mind. Continue reading

Only Little Girls Handle Baggage in Copenhagen

1 Aug

That’s right, folks, you heard it here first. Apparently, the baggage handlers at Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport are all little girls, between the ages of 7 and 11, possibly under-fed, and certainly incapable of advanced thinking. Unbelievable, I know, but you know how Scandinavians are about equality and labor laws. Continue reading

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