Monday Musing

9 Apr

As many of you know, I made a New Year’s resolution to start blogging more regularly. As I failed miserably in January, I coerced myself into believing that I really meant Chinese New Year in February, and even then, I am falling short. So, in an effort to inspire my writing, and to open your week with thought, I am starting a new series: Monday Musings. Enjoy. 

Today’s musing is brought to you by Emirates because I am quoting their ad and not that they are a sponsor (though I would be happy to work something out 😉 ) – I just really like this one – proving that ads can speak to more than the consumer in you… (though I would have really appreciated the use of the Oxford Comma. Grrr.)


“The world belongs to the endlessly curious – to everyone who experiences the world with eyes wide open, who never stops exploring, discovering and evolving. Here’s to uncovering every possibility the world holds for us all.”


Pip, Pip, Away!

11 Mar

I know. I have been absent. Casa Chaos has seen a revolving door of (incredibly welcome) house guests (though I am subconsciously chastising each of them for not bringing me a Chick-Fil-A on dry ice). In addition, I have been tandem RE-potty-training the Plinkas, and on many days it is a resounding success. And then there are “other” days. Days when you can’t tell who had the accident because they are both sitting in the puddle. Splashing. Continue reading


17 Nov

I FINALLY figured out what those side pockets are for! The brochure said “bottles”…


Too many ponies.

19 Oct

Realizing that I wear a bun or pony tail far too often:

I had my hair down today.

The Plinkas decided that I had “lost my ears” and spent the next 5 minutes searching the apartment before looking under my hair. They found it very disconcerting. I was more troubled by the prospect that this was more plausible an explanation than that my hair was merely different.

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone…

14 Oct

Captain, the Plinkas, and I have just returned from Thailand. On several occasions, I found myself contemplating how unexpected it all was and wondering – if my expectations were so far off, had I suffered a recent head injury resulting in a severe drop in IQ that would affect the way I imagined the trip to go? At multiple junctures, I would think, “Ahhh. There is a lovely couple on the trip I thought I was taking. Look how nicely her toenails are painted.” I am pretty sure she looked at me and thought, “Does she really wear a pony tail every day? Perhaps I should give her the pamphlet to the spa. She must not know there is one here.” In the end, it really was a glorious trip, and like everything in life, was a learning experience. This was our first trip with kids, not including all the trips to family and friends’ homes, who make so many special exceptions – bedding, toys, baby-proofing, readily available milk and food, etc. – prior to our arrival. I know I have said thank you to each of you in the past, but once again and with a whole new level of sincerity – THANK YOU!!! Continue reading

Why I Support the Use of the Oxford Comma

4 Oct


Just getting around…

27 Sep

A few weeks ago, I asked someone if they would like to meet for lunch. She responded, “I’m sorry. We have a doctor’s appointment that day.” Genuinely concerned for what would constitute an entire day to be consumed with a doctor’s appointment, she explained that it was just a routine check-up, but that is was “on the island“, meaning Hong Kong island, and we both live on “the Dark Side”, aka Kowloon. I felt a bit dissed but let it slide. After all, I can get to the island by train in under ten minutes. Whatever. “Another time” we both agreed and the subject was closed. Misunderstandings are always opportunities for enlightenment, aren’t they? Continue reading

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