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My mother always says, “If your head weren’t attached to your neck…”

19 Feb

Post #1 for anyone or no-one to follow.

Let me start by explaining the name… Generally, when I chat with my friends for a well over-due catch-up, I try and do a lot of listening. When I start talking – the chaos that is my reality sets in! What’s up, Elizabeth? Oh, I started this new business, the house got destroyed by a hurricane (giant insurance lawsut to follow), I had twins (awesome, right?), we just moved into this amazing new place, I got a new job with tons of travel, and, oh yeah, we are moving to Hong Kong next month… that is a brief summary of my last 24 months. The 24 before that were no more stable, nor the 24 before that, and the 24 before that.

I see people. People with these beautifully calm, predictable lives. They have these things called schedules. They can hit the local yoga class 3x/wk, know their local barrista, what time the FedEx guy generally comes,  and some of them even know where their keys are! I have quit trying to predict anything, catch everything “when I can”, and my keys, well, Lord only knows.

It is 11:46 PM. We are in a hotel close to IAH, departing for Hong Kong in 8 hours. Sleep? Are you kidding me? I am trying to consolidate and balance my overweight luggage one last time. This blog is about our newest adventure, and the glorious chaos that is sure to ensue!

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